Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates


It's Saturday, so it's okay to drink a bottle of white wine by yourself right? 😬

I just watched a ton of YouTube videos with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates (sue me). And it reminded drunk me of Voldemort and Dumbledore. I rewatched the Harry Potter films a few weeks back (sue me again).

Young Steve Jobs was this charismatic, intelligent, manipulative, good-looking kid that could bend reality and those around him to his will. I'm wondering if J.K. Rowling took some inspiration from Steve when writing the Tom Riddle arc. 🤫 Bill Gates shares similar traits but doesn't have the same charisma at all. He's more of the classical nerd type. Very smart and performed well in school.

They're both great wizards, and they both changed the world. Bill is doing a lot of philanthropic work in his later days. "The good guy" if you will. That's all for now.

Cheers! *burp*

PS. Watch the AI-generated conversation between Steve Jobs and Joe Rogan. It's pretty cool (and scary).