A new iMac design


WWDC 2020 is coming up. On June 22 Apple will hold its annual developer's conference. For the first time, it'll be digital-only. I am interested to see how it all works out. It may very well be the end of big in-person events.

I recently wrote a few lines about the Mac ARM-transition that's inevitably happening (at least for the low-end lineup). According to a Bloomberg article, Apple will make the announcement on this year's WWDC. This totally makes sense if we're going to see the introduction of the first models in 2021.

Furthermore, it looks like we might finally get an iMac redesign. MacRumors posted an article referring to a tweet by Sonny Dickson, expecting a new iMac with "iPad Pro design language". Not sure about his track record when it comes to leaks, but it doesn't sound farfetched. It's about time. That chin is starting to look rather big. This new iMac however, will most certainly be Intel-based and introduced sooner rather than later. I'm a little worried that it'll be a "super-thin design" that doesn't have enough thermal headroom. I'm hoping for a really good cooling system for a change.

There have also been rumors earlier this year of a new lower-priced 23-inch iMac. So maybe we'll see both a 27-inch and 23-inch model introduced this month. I think Apple will stick to 5K and 4K displays for now.

It'll look sleek, that's for sure.