Podcast Downloader

Download all podcast episodes from an RSS feed

poddl - a cross platform command line podcast downloader for downloading all, individual, or a range of podcast episodes from an RSS feed. It runs natively on Windows, Linux, and Mac / macOS.


Windows Download
Ubuntu 20.04
Debian 11
Source code Github

How to use

$ ./poddl http://url.to.rss /OutputPath

Optional arguments:

-o = Output path (needed if arguments are passed)
-l = Only display list of episodes
-r = Download/List newest episodes first
-i = Add episode index / number to file names
-s = Use episode index / number as file names (nnn.ext)
-z N = Zero pad episode index / number when -i or -s are used (default = 3 if N are left out)
-n N = Download a single episode
-n N-N = Download a range of episodes
-t N = Download only N episodes
-h = Quit when first existing file is found
-h "search string" = Quit when first existing file matches the input string

If you are on a Mac, check out Podcast Archiver

If you need an iOS version, check out Podcast Saver

If you feel like it ❤️

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